Water Is Destructive

Water is one of the most destructive contaminants to lubricating oils, and therefore your equipment. 

Water infiltrates your hydraulic fluid and therefore the hydraulic systems. Water can exist in many forms (bound, free, emulsified) and gets there in a variety of ways (like condensation). This water, in hydraulic fluid, causes many of the problems you might experience, from acid formation to bearing failure, seal damage & leaks, blown hoses and more.




MOLECULAR WATER ABSORBERS continuously remove ALL forms of water (free, bound and emulsified water) from hydraulic fluid through our molecular water absorbing technology. The Water Absorber filter is contained in a stainless steel housing tube that is stored in the tank and retrievable via a stainless steel tether. Replacement absorber filters can be replaced quickly and easily. Simply insert in to the opening of the hydraulic power unit.


MICRO DRY is perfect for smaller applications. These smaller water absorber units do not require the stainless steel housing tube, delivering a cost effective solution for small units. MICRO DRY units come with an included tether line for easy retrieval.



Heat Is A Silent Thief

Heat will attack every part of your system and rob the system of efficiencies.  When hydraulic fluid overheats, the potential to damage the seals increases drastically. Hot hydraulic fluid degrades viscosity and can escape the “push” of the pump and recirculates rather than being pumped out, creating internal leakage and more heat. Excess heat also oxidizes oils creating varnish which insulates heat (resisting heat dispersion). Without correction, the system continues to overheat, and the fluid continues to degrade. When fluid loses its viscosity it will also lose its ability to protect against heat that is generated by the friction of moving parts, and the vicious cycle continues. DAMAGE OCCURS.



FLUID COOL NANO THERMAL TECHNOLOGY ADDITIVE dramatically reduces fluid temperatures in machines or equipment. Heat is a silent thief in a hydraulic system. Fluid Cool is engineered to keep heat build-up in check and improve oil’s ability to transfer heat. This minimizes stiction, friction, and maximizes pump efficiency and productivity while reducing fuel consumption.


 Storage & Transport

Prevention is better than reaction. Keep it DRY & COOL. Reacting means you already have Downtime, Costly Repairs, and Damage that needs fixing.

Prevention means you keep the problem from happening in the first place, ideally, right at the source.

Dry Hydraulics manufactures the world’s FIRST and ONLY solutions to prevent moisture and heat from harming hydraulic systems. 




DRUM DRY is designed for use in any oil fluid tanks or stationary applications to protect oil during storage and transportation. Drum Dry is a low cost solution for storage tank protection.




Transformer Protection

Transformer tanks hold the oil used in transformers for cooling and insulation. Moisture (e.g. ingress, high humidity) is a leading cause of transformer failure. Failure is detrimental not only from an operating standpoint but also in terms of costs and downtime. However, this moisture problem can be prevented.




TRANSFORMER DRY is a low cost, proactive option to prevent and remove water from transformers offering continuous water removal for current and long-term protection. 


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